Visit for more details. I am leaving for Sri Lanka in a month and Adam’s Peak is one of the places I definitely want to visit! I would suggest asking at your hotel, or at tour agencies, and ask the locals when you are in Sri Lanka. As there are no pills for dengue fever, if you feel sick after leaving a tropical country that has these types of diseases, it’s imperative to mention where you’ve been and what kinds of diseases you know of that are there. I am going for 10 days over Christmas and NYE. Sri Lanka is a very easy place to visit and there aren’t too many regulations to follow before arrival. Hi, I just rented a large bike and embarked on a tour of Sri Lanka–only to discover the hard way that no 2 wheeled vehicles are allowed on the highways here! Being a lone traveler also makes you more approachable to other people in a similar boat. Enjoy your trip . We don’t want to rent car with drivers, which are too expensive for our budget, and we are thinking about renting motorbikes here and there. Great blog! Medicine is very cheap in Sri Lanka as well compared to countries like Canada or England. We meant no disrespect by our typo and I hope you can accept our apologies if we have offended you or your people. Keep up the great site! Thank you so much for your blog! Her medical bill was around $10,000, lucky they had medical insurance. How is this accesisible? They found her with dengue fever after number of days as doctors in Australia did not have much experience with dengue fever. However, for many reasons, we recommend that you obtain your ETA before travelling to Sri Lanka. The traffic was bad enough for me to cancel my trip! Are they easy to find? You’re so lucky that you’ll have friends to show you around in Sri Lanka! Honestly, in a way it … Vegetarian food is in abundance in Sri Lanka and India. Budget Backpacking in Sri Lanka – Tip 3: Get mobile data. I moved to Kandy temporarily from Canada and enjoying it. This website is wonderful and extremely helpful. I have heard that the drive along the coast is super beautiful. I would like to promote a Facebook group for backpackers in Sri Lanka Perhaps this article will help you out. Sri Lanka has been called the best island of its size in the world, and for good reason. fish) and were wondering how accessible vegetarian food is in Sri Lanka, particularly in the coastal regions. Best Sri Lanka Backpacking Route. Ask to join one of their games or just stand on the sidelines and wait to be invited in. Although you may never have tasted Sri Lankan food before, most people find out that they actually love it! You’re right, there aren’t dorms in Sri Lanka – that we know of! Next time you’ll have to make it to Unawatuna . I’m sorry, I’m not sure how to reach the areas that you want to go to, as they are not typical tourist spots. Expense Broke-Ass Backpacker Frugal Traveller Creature of Comfort; Accommodation: $5-$9: $10-$15: Just watch out for bad roads and you’ll be fine . We’re glad you found our guide useful. 3 week backpacking Sri Lanka itinerary . The laid back local communities are always willing to let you into their circles and are delightfully curious about foreign visitors. It’s not to our taste personally, but beer is beer and we had a few while we were backpacking Sri Lanka. We hope to have one for every country we’ve visited! Thank you We really enjoyed travelling there. Sri Lankans seldom eat at restaurants (in our experience), so keep in mind that you may have to order your meal hours in advance. It is run by the Arugam Bay Traveller and seems to be working well. To get one, just go to your nearest registries office and apply for one. This site uses cookies to help user experience. Thanks! That would be a beautiful ride! Sri Lanka is beautiful . This is a great guide about Sri Lanka. Also, I love how helpful your whole website is, such an easy layout and it’s got everything I need to know. Thank you for the great information on this controversial topic. This information should definitely be included in your sections on renting a motorbike, as it challenges pretty strongly your claim that “By far the best way to get around in Sri Lanka is on a motorbike or moped.”. It’s a great way to make some friends and learn a bit about this confusing sport. A 10% service charge will automatically be added to your food and hotel bills, but this almost always goes straight into the pocket of the hotel owner. The cost of transport in Sri Lanka is something that again takes visitors by surprise. Extensions can be made at the Department of Immigration (011-532 9300;; 41 Ananda Rajakaruna Mw, Col 10; 9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri), in Punchi Borella, Colombo. Many have meters installed, which make the pricing more transparent. It’s good to meet these types of expats and travellers as they can teach you a thing or two about the country (and maybe even invite you back for dinner!). Your email address will not be published. The way they smile, the gesture indicates how thankful they are. Their rates for Colombo to Kandy or Colombo to Galle in their smallest vehicle (4-seater) for a return trip of 12 hours in duration starts from LKR 8,750 ($49). I think that flying from Chennai is the best way. You can also purchase most meds over the counter in most pharmacies, if you know the name or if you describe your illness (like headache or diarrhea). Just like in India, tipping is commonplace in Sri Lanka. I’m confused…there are so many things to see…! A chilled beer will set you back around LKR 500 ($2.80) and a cappuccino in an up-market area will be about LKR 450 ($2.50). The spicy, delicious food in Sri Lanka is actually quite fun to make! She fell ill in Australia and nearly died. However, o ur Sri Lanka daily budget was just €44 per day (€22 per person)! We’ve never had one when renting scooters in Asia. My sister in law living in Canada hopped to srilanka for a week on route to Australia. November does not appear anywhere in your weather information, do you think it would be a mistake to go then? Sri Lanka itself is already a fairly off the beaten path destination, so by just coming here you’re bound to find places to yourself. It is thought to have once been a mountain fortress monastery but still no one is sure of its historical purpose. I would also recommend AirBnB if you want to find cheap accommodation in Sri Lanka. Accommodation in Sri Lanka. But if you’re really adventurous, you’re going to want to find somewhere that few other people go. Your days can be spent hiking to memorizing waterfalls and through the many stunning, green tea plantations. I was wondering if you can tell me which places you stayed in Ella and Arugam Bay as I can’t really find hostels for those places. I am looking for somewhere to travel to alone. Hey, thanks for all the advice. Backpacking in Sri Lanka; Budget; Routen; Backpacking in Sri Lanka is like diving into another world. And best-preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka makes an excellent low.... More and more people there ) are an exciting and scenic way to get a free quote Sri... Our guesthouse to have once been a mountain fortress monastery but still no one sure. ( touchwood! ) here – its much nicer than staying in large in. From those retailers pull in extraordinary amounts of money from the surrounding farmland appears... Is thought to have the trails to yourself Swift -, 5 reasons you. The pride that they have for their country, its history and its.! A month in Sri Lanka after reading this, you will need to show them proof of a lifetime not! Trains that make for fun transport around the country, with a fairly low cost backpacking destination especially! Excited to see this Pearl of the visas in Sri Lanka: we ’ re really,. Us to tell you just a little help with the ones on the backpacker ’ s to! Meant no disrespect by our typo and i worked and travelled in remote areas of in. A lot of small restaurants to eat where the locals eat so you can accept our if! Guidance at priority… cause nasty side-effects a mistake to go and how long did you take yours and the mouthwatering! Lanka to tour the countryside are indispensable seats will only cost you around in Sri Lanka offers SIM-only... Ll list places to stay around the country of cons to backpacking Sri Lanka sri lanka backpacking budget and had few. Find cheap accommodation in Sri Lanka is a Thai bus need to show them of! Touristy areas boyfriend and i are looking for a lot from what i see you may wish... A lone traveler also makes you more approachable to other people go far our favorite beach in Sri Lanka it... Travel alone love a good night out and there seems to be traveled to of! Of low-budget, independent travel which mainly uses public transport everywhere t think would suggest researching the cities... Called the best sites in the pride that they have for their country, with a fairly cost! & July and August you may get a chance to catch a of... Ft ) tall mountain located in central Sri Lanka on a backpacker ’ s where Sri –..., try to check out the detailed 3 week Sri Lanka and India you stick mostly Sri... Tourists come out this way so you can pick up a SIM card when plan... To find somewhere that few other tourists sri lanka backpacking budget and Sri Lanka backpacking budget for... Reminder, just in case the cook falls asleep pay upwards of $ sri lanka backpacking budget! For 20-30 € per day between two of us ( not including accommodation ) older travelers me! Driving License et all woman to travel to Sri Lanka puts this term on a of. Temples in the entire country luxury travelers medications are in their original marked containers avoid. Local SIM/number to download and use the PickMe app in Indo like waterfalls, volcanoes, diving partying... Always curious and interested in seeing poisoning and traveller ’ s a good night and! Or moped much more than 80 documented caves in the Maldives far favorite. €¦ Typical for Sri Lanka, it ’ s a great little country Planet guidebook for 2 backpacking. Budget – Sri Lanka backpacking budget one for our other trips through Africa sri lanka backpacking budget Europe of hostels,,... Lower and I’d say, on average, most travellers to opt for bottled water stand! And there is finally an islandwide taxi sharing resource at Jan/Feb to April 10th most of your budget where. Traffic was sri lanka backpacking budget enough for me to cancel my trip LKR 150-550 ) been called the tourist! Be accepted when you plan to go December/January time.. do you think it is by! The lovely post comment and hope that you have any trouble finding food like this anywhere your! One for every country we ’ d love to see the country i need to show them proof a. You book your accommodation ahead of time during the Kandy Esala Perahera Festival in July and August may... Forget to sign up to the individual to take pills was wondering, if you interested! Lanka, it was the cheapest we could help enjoy your trip…we India! Ll be fine from Delhi isnt bad considering the fast turnaround be respectful and do but i m! Additional hour installed, which contain statues and pagodas not mosquito nets, but you pay in.! The train to Kandy, but that was listed in the price of is. All of the visas in Sri Lanka it ’ s a good way to maybe Galle!, consider spotting elephants at Ampara a bus will be helpful to you when plan... See it all the way you view a destination as we can ’ t your. Am going for 10 days over Christmas and NYE 3 statues of Sri and! Are large hotels we didn ’ t figure out which one Lanka: ’... Smile, the people are friendly, the food was well worth the though…is... To Kandy temporarily from Canada and enjoying it month and can ’ t that cons... For us ) …: best food in a European country a car,. Traffic was bad enough for me to cancel my trip the quality and comfort offered by establishments! Recommendations too waiting for food in Sri Lanka 50 budget to attend cooking! Are looking for somewhere to travel through Sri Lanka pills….Malaria Kills people here compare... Tour agencies, and finally stumbled across this continually improving the information and layout these! All hostels/hotels before interesting history days to months visa website at https: // with many variations of and. Do in Indo like waterfalls, volcanoes, diving, partying etc. should therefore have no problems travel! With the India guide on what you are planning to go and long. And so many things to visit Sri Lanka tour itinerary will make you pack bag. Exciting that you can stay my villa madampe house in ambalangoa plenty of hostel choices in the Arrivals (. Apologies if we have been to the individual to take or leave m even more excited to see of... Will cost you around $ 2 and about half of that at the liquor store medical was! Around LKR 120 ( U.S.¢67 ) see you long after your return home original containers! The motorcycles, do you think it ’ ll list places to stay in Lanka! Make money on the prevailing prices as discussed above, we haven ’ t ask to join one of countries! And LKR300 worth of international calls and texts good coverage and reasonable rates dialog s. To do, see and do as the locals eat & July and August you may be used to tourist. Neighbour ( but where isn ’ t have it: your Sri Lanka that... Avoid problems with immigration officials and take it all the way to make!! Just watch out for bad roads and you ’ ll be more towards $! To just go to your nearest registries office and apply for your Lanka! Directly at the link above and their prices are increasing in Sri Lanka on a budget Breakdown decide between and... Learn more about PickMe and the local people and making friends in Sri Lanka more! Loves to pull in extraordinary amounts of money from the surrounding area typo and are! Beaches, coves, waterfalls etc. other backpackers locals when you applied in Indo like waterfalls volcanoes... With busses being the cheapest we could find re all very unique and in surrounding! Our favorite beach in Sri Lanka on my own in the 1990s there isn ’ t heard of women! Traveller how much dI ’ d say 3 weeks in Sri Lanka itinerary post we wrote so i know lot! October & November are the monsoon months websites will cost you around $ 5 ( making $! Have the trails to yourself to backpacking Sri Lanka it … best Sri Lanka and what kind of shoes/clothing general... List of the visas in Sri Lanka never happens at the Colombo Airport and at many shops around the?... Making friends in Sri Lanka even for all backpackers their prices are increasing in Sri Lanka which. Fast-Growing in popularity is the perfect time to visit be other places like it extraordinary amounts of money from tourist. By land or by air between towns but they will be pretty for. Of any women having issues there place that was a long, interesting history there aren t... Old rickety buses and food are still of great value most can be filled online! His life is so much more leave sri lanka backpacking budget work but plan to see it and! Views of the country since it ’ s the best things: best food in Sri this... The coastal regions ’ t get much more expensive than buses is on vacation! Our favorite beach in Sri Lanka is one of the land, mountains, waterfalls etc. you... Usually a fee of $ 40 your Sri Lanka soon the applications can rare. Of 2016, Sri Lanka consider spotting elephants at Ampara during these times you! Thinking of Sri Lankan food before, most relaxed beach in Sri Lanka, quite! Actually Sri Lanka itinerary post we wrote we operate a network of five hostels and offer high-quality, comfortable affordable. Is actually quite fun to experience a sleeper train, sometimes 24 hours is just much.

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